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    Gallery No 1:   Cycle ENIGMATIC SIGNS (2004 - 2020)   >>   

  In the paintings of which the cycle ENIGMATIC SIGNS consists I create a different reality, a reality inspired by prehistoric times. I track back ages to discover the primary, the elemental essence, to build up the Archetype. My paintings are inspired by the Nature, the stones, the cliffs and are fulfilled in originally mixed techniques combining ecological and pure materials.
  The signs inhabiting the paintings are devoid of all kind of specificity and suggestions, they remain unridded and abstract, they evoke a sentiment of something mysterious and inscrutable.
  These signs have come to the surface from the depth of my subconsciousness and that is why they act on subconscious level.
  The paintings are perceived as emphatically solid, three-dimensional, they weigh down with primal purity.